One of the best ways to track SERPs is by using featured snippets. These are boxes that pop up at the top of the SERP. These typically appear for informational intent keywords and provide a link or excerpt of relevant content. They always appear above organic results and point to your website, so tracking these is very valuable for any business. To find out which content you should be using in these boxes, use the keyword tool, RankActive, RankWatch, or SpyFu.

Keyword Tool

If you want to monitor your website’s performance and track the position of your keywords in

SERPs, there are several tools available to help you. One of these tools, Serpstat, is a complete

SEO solution that gives you a clean dashboard and allows you to perform different actions. Serpstat allows you to track rankings for different search terms. To get started, create a new project and enter your website’s details. Then, select which search engines you would like to track. You can then add keywords and compare them against each other.

Another tool that you can use to track keyword rankings is Visably. Visably is an all-in-one SEO toolset that shows you the top pages for any keyword and brand. Although Visably is more expensive than many other tools, its basic package lets you track up to 500 keywords, with reports updated weekly. You can even use Visably to track the top pages for multiple locations.

This is a valuable tool for a search engine optimization strategy.


RankActive’s SERP tracker helps you to determine how well your website is performing in search engines. This tool allows you to choose various features of SERPs, such as visibility, change, and keyword position. Moreover, you can monitor keywords and SERPs at a glance with its detailed view. The Detailed View section allows you to view all the data regarding your keywords, their position, and keyword metrics. RankActive is a great tool for SEO experts, as it provides information on the availability of SERP features.

The user-friendly platform of RankActive has a pleasantly designed interface with different rent functions. Users can analyze websites using this platform to come up with clear SEO audit reports. It also has tools for SEO service providers. Its comprehensive analysis tools help you get a detailed picture of your client’s website. The platform allows you to access all information, from keywords to website statistics. Its other products include Rank Tracker, Site Auditor, and Link Manager.


RankWatch is an excellent tool for tracking the progress of your website’s SEO. It’s free to use and offers a variety of features, including a CEO Dashboard to view all of your projects. The dashboard offers a number of key metrics and a Free Website Analyzer to see what keywords are causing your website to rank poorly. In addition to keyword rankings, the free tool also provides information about backlinks and technology, as well as mobile access to your website. A White Label Interface lets you share your ranking data with clients and allows you to create unlimited reports.

Using RankWatch is easy and convenient to use. Unlike other serp tracking tools, you don’t have to know the keywords to target in order to make use of its feature. You can niche group keywords using super-specific and ultra-broad terms to target specific keywords, and then track them in the corresponding SERPs. RankWatch’s keyword research tool lists related keywords with search volumes, cost per click, and competitor information.


There are several benefits of using a SpyFu tracking serp tool to keep an eye on your competitors’ results. The keyword rank tracker is a great way to monitor competitors’ performances, but it lags behind the competition. The data is only updated once a week, while competitors such as SEMrush and AccuRanker update their information on a daily basis. For these reasons, you should check out other keyword rank trackers before you use SpyFu.

One of the most useful features of SpyFu is its ability to track competitor data and provide detailed insights into their SEO strategy. It will give you detailed competitor data, from backlinks to keywords purchased on Google Ads. A monthly plan is available for as little as $33/month. A monthly subscription also comes with Labrika, an AI-powered SEO toolkit. However, this tool is not for every webmaster. For those who do not need detailed competitor information, SpyFu will be more than enough.


SerpStat is a ranking monitoring tool for both Google and Yandex. This tool can track changes in the SERPs for specific keywords, or entire groups of keywords. It can also keep track of all keywords within a website, so you can see the overall ranking of any given keyword. It has been around for a while, and recently changed its pricing structure. You can now start using Serpstat for tracking serps for as little as $69 per month for 500 keywords. It’s now a mini-Ahrefs, with discounted pricing for longer subscription terms.

Serpstat’s keyword ranking tracker is one of its better features. It automatically gathers the most popular keywords within a domain and displays daily keyword performance data. You can then determine which keywords are working best and which ones aren’t. This can be useful in developing ad campaigns for each keyword. By knowing which keywords are working and which ones aren’t, you can determine the best way to improve your site’s ranking.

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